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               Dandong Sanjiang Food Co. Ltd. is located in Zhenjiang village, Kuandian town, 175 km from the city of Dandong.  The company is close to Shuifeng Lake, which is the upper reach of Yalu River valley and the boarder between People’s Republic of North Korea and China. 


                Zhenjiang Village is also surrounded by three towns of the neighboring provinces of Liaoning and Jilin. It is situated at the end of the Changbai Mountain range, a majestic background of endless green hills, blue streams and an untouched ecology. The company has offices for business operations, conveniently located in Dandong. 


                The company mainly has three sets of supportive products – a range of:

            1) Anchovy, whitebait and river shrimp products, sourced from the Yalu, Hui and Songhua Rivers, originating from the beginning of the Changbai Mountain range;

           2) Anchovy, herring, calico salmon and mackerel products;

           3) Quick-frozen agricultural products, such as: strawberry, boletus, waxy corn, green soya bean, Chinese black mushroom and nameko.


                 All the products have already passed 《HACCP》 quality and safety recognition. Products are mainly sold to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan as well as in our domestic markets.


                 Our objective is to strive for quality in all operations. Although we have been continually pursuing honesty, distinction and excellence in all our daily business, the company and its employees have been endeavoring to be teachable and willing to learn from others. The aim of us is to build good relations with our suppliers and to satisfy our customers. As a good reputation is an invisible capital, providing us with resource, support as well as opportunity. The company and its employees have realized that the greatest achievements are obtained from the absolute efficiency and quality.



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